South Africa: Respect by Men and Women in Blue

Sergent Bonginkosi tells about his increased knowlegde of Human Rights, resulting in more respect for LGBTI in his and his colleagues daily work as police ...

Netherlands: Gender Sexuality Alliances

Students and teachers come together in GSAs to organise activities in their schools regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Purple Friday (when ...

Vietnam: WLW Art Exhibition

‘Exposure’ increases the visibility of WLW. In Hanoi, CSAGA organised an art exhibition called ‘Exposure’ about women-loving women (WLW). ...


Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Botswana!

The Supreme Court of Botswana came to the unanimous conclusion that Articles 164 and 167 of the Botswana Penal Code were discriminatory and violated the ...

Feminist LBQ Women’s Conference – video

From July 6-9th 2019, over 400 LBQ women gathered in Capetown South Africa for the first global Feminist LBQ Women's Conference in history. We posted video ...

Join Us in Asking #HRC41 to #RenewIESOGI

Since 2016, the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on SOGI has assisted States to better protect people from violence ...

CEDEP engaged with the Ministry of Justice of Malawi and the Malawi Human Rights Commission to discuss and address the decriminalization of homosexuality as well as discrimination targeted to trans people and non-conforming identities.

According to CEDEP, a referendum is not the best way since LGBTI people are a minority in the country. The best strategy is to rather document and highlight the harms caused by these laws to LGBTI people.

CEDEP works collaboratively with various civil society organisations in Malawi and also abroad. It is on the lead of LGBTI issues in the country.

Watch the Story of Change here!

This Story of Change is an illustration of the PRIDE programme.