LAUNCH : Best Practices on socio economic empowerment for LGBTI communities


Download here the Best Practices on improving the socio-economic status of LGBTI communities in English and French.

Within COC’s PRIDE programme (Partnership for Rights, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality, 2016-2020), COC decided to include a specific focus on improving the socio-economic status of LGBTI communities.

Indeed, while there are many programs that work to support LGBTI communities in the Global South, very few programs specifically work to reduce poverty and improve access to work for LGBTI people. There is also limited data or documentation on the barriers that LGBTI people face in the world of work, housing and education. There is, however, a growing recognition of the pressing need to proactively address poverty among LGBTI people. Taking this reality into account, COC decided to build the capacity of its partner organisations on this topic and to facilitate knowledge sharing between partners organisations already tackling this issue in their programming.

In this context, COC created a Best Practices Guide in order to provide guidance to organisations already working with LGBTI communities in the Global South, about the types of economic empowerment activities that can be undertaken.TCOC is proud to publish this guide illustrated with real-world examples of economic empowerment work that is already underway in LGBTI communities.

Download the PDF’s here: