Complaints & Whistle Blower Policy

Complaints & Whistle Blower Procedure

As an LGBTI human rights organisation, COC Netherlands is committed to supporting our partner organisations and their communities and we do that as carefully as possible. Despite our efforts to make sure that we provide a safe and professional environment, it may happen that the people we work with experience unprofessional conduct by staff or as a direct result of COC policies. It is also possible that there are concerns about possible wrong, dishonest or illegal activity by COC, staff, collaborative partners and/or other stakeholders.

We are open to complaints from those we work with to investigate and correct misconduct and learn as an organisation. To that end, COC Netherlands has a complaints & whistle blower procedure. The full description of the complaints & whistle blower can be accessed here: COC_International Complaints & Whistle Blower Procedure.

All staff of COC Netherlands are subject to the same Code of Good Conduct. This Code includes a set of rules of conduct by means of which COC wants to promote good behaviour and provide a safe place for everyone. If in the last year you have experienced conduct by COC staff or as a direct result of COC policies that grieved you, we invite you to first address your grievance or complaint directly to the person(s) it concerns. If you feel that such a conversation is not possible, not safe or if you are unhappy about how that discussion went, you can file a complaint through this complaints & whistle blower.

This procedure can also be used by whistle blowers who want to report instances of wrong, dishonest or illegal activity, like waste or losses, error, mismanagement or dishonesty that may harm individuals or our organisation. This may relate to COC, staff, collaborative partners and/or other stakeholders

Complaints can be made directly to the Director of International Programmes verbally or can be sent in writing to [email protected]. Please make sure it includes your personal details and a detailed description of the complaint. If you have filed a complaint, you will receive a confirmation of receipt and an outline of the process within 5 working days. The Director of International Programmes will handle the complaint within 30 working days or, in complex matters, a longer period that will be communicated as such. The Director of International Programmes will always inform the Executive Director of COC (ED) and consult the ED in the handling of complaints.

The complainant will receive an outcome of their complaint within those 30 days.

If a complainant is unhappy about the response received from COC Netherlands or if they believe the corrective action has not been adequately implemented they may appeal to the independent, external complaints committee via: [email protected]

To guarantee the independence of the complaints committee the members have no other active role within or engagement with COC. The complaints committee will assess whether COC has followed the complaints & whistle blower correctly an adequately and give advice.

Complaints can be made in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. If communicating in writing or in one of these languages poses a barrier for you, please let us know. In handling complaints, COC upholds principles of, accessibility, objectivity, confidentiality, responsiveness, accountability and continuous improvement.