South Africa: LGBTI refugee programme

Triangle Project has been providing services to LGBTI people in the Western Cape for 35 years and we always guide our work by understanding that being an LGBTI person is one element of who you are as a person and that your status as a woman, a non-national or economically disadvantaged would have a huge impact on the way you are able to exercise your freedom. With this in mind, it was unacceptable for the organization to not try to engage with LGBTI refugees living in Cape Town. This report details the history and context of LGBTI people from other parts of the continent living in South Africa as well as their legal realities. It also gives a brief explanation of the legal status of LGBTI people in selected countries in the rest of Africa. However, the bulk of this document discusses Triangle Project’s attempts to forge a new path for LGBTI refugees within our organization and is a frank assessment of our many challenges, successes and failures.

To read more about the lessons learned open the PDF-document below:

LL 42 LGBTI refugee programme

This lessons learned document was developed as part of the Bridging the Gaps programme