In 2016, COC and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs entered into a five-year partnership aimed at strengthening LGBTI communities and LGBTI lobbying and advocacy activities in the Caribbean, in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, in South and South East Asia, and in East and West Africa.

To help give shape to this Partnership for Rights, Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality (PRIDE), COC developed a Theory of Change (Our vision) that is not context specific and can therefore be applied practically everywhere. It represents a model of social change that identifies a variety of different actors, interventions and assumptions on five different levels: individual, community, organisation, movement and regional/international.

We work with our in-country partners in 16 countries to train and develop their community building skills and their advocacy work, but also to further develop both the Theory of Change itself and our understanding of how we can be supportive partners for each other.

The Dutch embassies in the various countries are stakeholders in the partnership.

Within the context of PRIDE, COC also supports regional and international lobbying and advocacy and engages in activities addressing cross-cutting themes such as religion, LBT women, socio-economic status and intersex and transgender people. The overall objective of PRIDE is to work towards diverse and inclusive societies in which LGBTI are able to participate to their full potential.