Allies in Action

Allies in Action: Paving new roads to equality for LGBTI people

Running from 2015 through 2017, Allies in Action has been designed to foster an enabling environment for LGBTI ally-ships in the programme countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine) and to build avenues enabling local LGBTI advocates and groups to involve an increasing number of supporters among relevant professional groups and other potentially influential audiences.

Hosted by COC Netherlands and implemented in partnership with ILGA Europe, the programme aims to strengthen the movement for LGBTI equality by ensuring flexible, context-sensitive, and coordinated support for people at the grassroots level by expanding their network of allies. Thanks to a sub-granting mechanism (i.e. the project fund), this programme supports specific actions carried out by:

  • LGBTI organisations and initiative groups in the project countries at national and local levels
  • National and international professional associations who have as their target audience: journalists, writers, lawyers, psychologists, healthcare workers, educators, ‘artivists’, etc.)
  • Individuals acting alone or in collaboration with others from one or more of the professional groups mentioned above, as well as in the immediate circles of LGBTI people (family and friends).