South and South East Asia

In addition to its in-country support for LGBTI organisations in four countries (including Vietnam and Myanmar), COC has started the process of developing regional strategies that will add value to already existing initiatives and LGBTI networks in the region of South and South East Asia.

COC hired a consultant to write a regional context analysis based on both desk research and in-depth interviews with key figures in the region and focusing on the needs of LGBTI people and the current gaps in programming and international support. On the basis of the report’s recommendations, COC has chosen to co-fund an ILGA Asia Training of Trainers dealing with human rights mechanisms and the documentation of human rights violations and targeting LGBTI community-based organisations in South East Asia. Following this training programme, the participants will engage in human rights documentation, submitting reports to relevant human rights mechanisms.

In addition to this series of activities, COC is financing and co-organising a three-day regional coordination meeting with regional (mostly LGBTI) networks. By sharing and exchanging their experience and expertise, the participants will map the region’s organisational capacities and opportunities as well as discuss the existing concerns and opportunities with regard to relevant topics such as religion, leadership and  mentorship, and dialogue and collaboration with other regional movements. This meeting will result in a draft outline of an action plan.