Botswana: As The Court Pleases – An Assessment Of Advocacy Strategies For Strategic Litigation

In March 2013, LEGABIBO put a case before the courts to challenge refusal to register the organisation. In November 2014 LEGABIBO won the case at the High Court, the government of Botswana appealed, and in March 2016 at the Court of Appeal a full bench of judges ruled unanimously in favour of LEGABIBO. In the 4 years of the matter being before the courts, LEGABIBO implemented extensive and innovative advocacy strategies alongside the court processes with the aim to garner support, communicate positive and accurate messaging about the case.

To read more about the lessons learned from this process – open the PDF-document below:

LL 47 LEGABIBO Botswana

This Lessons Learned document is produced as part of the Bridging the Gaps Program.