Mobilised LGBTI movement

LGBTI organisations need to cooperate to reach their joint goals, while also respecting their diversity. Change starts when they connect, begin exchanging information and become a mobilised LGBTI movement. It is when they are linked to non-LGBTI stakeholders and to broader civil society organisations that change becomes possible in society.

How do we think this works? Here are a few of our assumptions:
“The diversity and complexity of the LGBTI community demands focused and streamlined efforts to reach joint goals. Cooperation between LGBTI CBOs at all levels is essential” (Letter R in the graphic below)
“Support from the broader civil society is essential to create change. This requires networks and collaboration with non-LGBTI stakeholders” (Letter S in the graphic below)

Regional Meeting of LBQ Organisations (Francophone West

In November 2018, 4 LBQ organisations from Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Togo gathered in Cameroon, where they were welcomed by a dynamic LBQ organisation ...

Cameroon: On the Way to a National LGBT Movement

Despite the high repression against homosexuality in Cameroon, the LGBTI movement is one of the most active in West and Central Africa. About 30 organisations ...

Putting LBQ-Women at the Forefront – the Birth of an

The story on the establishment of the first LBQ-led organisation in Belize and the creation of a culture of empowerment for LBQ-women in the country. This ...

Mobilisation des Femmes LBQ au Cameroun et en Afrique de

Dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre du programme PRIDE (Partenariat pour les Droits humains, l’Inclusion, la Diversité et l’Egalité) du COC Nederland, ...

Caribbean LGBTQI Leadership Academy Pilot Programme

The Caribbean LGBTQI Leadership Academy (the Leadership Academy), with financial support provided by the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) ...

Engaging Micro Finance Institutions with LGBTI Communities:

This narrative is an account of Micro Rainbow International’s experience in designing and delivering financial inclusion programmes for LGBTI people in ...

The South African Police Service’s Dignity, Diversity And

In the past years, civil society organisations (CSOs) in South Africa have been working with law enforcement agencies in their respective provinces to reduce ...

Kenya: Advocacy and Policy Engagement by Ishtar-MSM in

Ishtar-MSM engages in advocacy and policy engagement by being the link between the MSM (men who have sex with men) and MSW (male sex workers) community ...

Botswana: Raising awareness of stakeholders and mobilization

Rainbow Identity Association’s (RIA) lessons learned process focused on raising awareness on issues of transgender and intersex persons to different ...

Cameroon: The commitment of champion journalist to

A journalist did facilitate at a training for journalists, organized by our partner Affirmative Action, to have a better understanding about LGBTI issues ...