Pan Africa ILGA Secretariat meet up with Uganda member organisations

On January 13th, 2022, the Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) Secretariat and the Board held an in-country strategic meeting with PAI member organisations representatives in Kampala, Uganda. Uganda is one of the countries under the Power of Pride programme.

The meeting, that happened during the annual planning week held for the first time in Uganda, focused on understanding the key challenges affecting the community in the country. It shared ways in which member organisations can work actively with the secretariat and what strategic interventions are being implemented by the secretariat.

In his address to the PAI Uganda member organisations, PAI Executive Director Nate Brown mentioned how it is a privilege for the PAI team to be in Uganda. The secretariat is committed to placing the community issues at the centre and it is through dialogues like these that we are able to be guided.

“Having conversations like these, is very important to know the real issues affecting the community, propose solutions and come up with informed planning. We have been to Ghana before, followed closely what is happening in Senegal. Meeting up with member organisations in their respective countries is very important in understanding what is happening on the ground.” said Nate Brown.

This year, the PAI Secretariat and Board are planning a series of visits to countries across the continent to have sit-down meetings with member organizations in their respective countries: aimed at building a stronger and vibrant LGBTIQ+ community.

Richard Lusimbo, the Programmes Manager, shared some of the interventions that PAI is currently implementing. For example Power of Pride, Human Rights Mechanisms, Leadership Forum, our SDGs engagements, PAI Conference, research, and more.

“Uganda is one of the countries we are targeting under Power of Pride. Member organisations need to be proactive and send in applications for the call for proposals under the programme. This is the only way we can know how to best support you in your communities.” Richard Lusimbo, the Programmes Manager mentioned.

From the meeting, Richard & Nate emphasized by the community needs to have programming centering on Sustainable Develpment Goals (SDGs). Almost all governments across the continent are coming up with interventions guided by the SDGs. ‘’It is sad that our community is not embracing these strategic conversations, yet they do affect us. If we aren’t strategic, we will lose out.’’[1] [2]  Richard Lusimbo, the Programmes Manager, mentioned.

“One thing that we are taking seriously now as a secretariat, is research. We are currently implementing research interventions around how COVID-19 is affecting the community, what new programming areas can be considered, and more.” Richard mentioned.

Solome Nakaweesi Kimbugwe, the consultant leading on the next Strategic Plan, then guided the conversation. She shared with the members what the roadmap ahead looks like and how they will be consulted and engaged in the Strategic Plan development process.

Our next Strategic Plan will involve a series of consultations across the continent from the Board, to the Secretariat, community, and partners. This will ensure that we come up with a Strategic Plan developed for and by the community.

Isaac Mugisha, the representative of the Board, closed the engagement. He thanked the Secretariat for being in Uganda and taking off time to be with the community.