Empowered LGBTI people

Social change starts with individual LGBTI people who no longer accept being marginalised but decide to take action. Individual stories raise public awareness and expose the level of exclusion in society. Empowered LGBTI individuals serve as role models for others, and their actions form important steps in the creation of LGBTI communities.

How do we think this works? Here are a few of our assumptions:
“Empowered LGBTI people experience less psychological pressure and stress, adopt healthier lifestyles and show less (sexual) risk behaviour” (Letter B in the graphic below)
“LGBTI people who are active in the public sphere are positive role models and lead to “normalisation” in the media and in public opinion” (Letter F in the graphic below)
“Professionals are best influenced through their peers who have already been sensitised: police officers through police officers, nurses through nurses, etc.” (Letter H in the graphic below)

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