Zimbabwe: Uptake of Male Circumcision

This report is a summary of the data collected in Harare to assess the uptake and acceptability of Male Circumcision (MC) among men who have sex with other men (MSM). GALZ with the assistance of COC Netherlands embarked on a project with the main objective of increasing the uptake of male circumcision amongst MSM as an HIV prevention mechanism as well as to increase the uptake of VCT among the MSM community. The project also targeted health care workers and AIDS service
organizations to promote MC among their MSM clients/patients. This project was to compliment the Government Project/efforts in which MC is being advocated as an HIV prevention tool. Although there is no locally conducted research on male circumcision amongst MSM community, the available research conducted on the general male population (who are predominantly heterosexual) estimates that male circumcision reduces the chances of HIV transmission by at least 60%.

To read more about the lessons learned open the PDF-document below:

LL 29 – Zimbabwe: Uptake of Male Circumcision

This lessons learned document was developed as part of both the Bridging the Gaps programme and the Proudly Combined programme.