Ghana: Develop your passion

Story of change #58

‘Develop your passion and dare to achieve more’. Quitta (Sadiq) tells about her development as a trans woman and how she has become a role model for others. She is at the basis of the transmovement in Ghana and always tells others: ‘Who you are, your identity, is your legal right.’

This Story of change #58 is told by Quitta (Sadiq), Transgender Activist at Solace Initiative, Ghana.

Sadly, Sadiq passed away in December 2017. Sadiq is remembered for her passion, energy, guts, friendliness, initiative and perseverance. As director of the Ghanaian organisation Solace Initiative and chair of the West African Trans Forum, Sadiq worked closely with COC. We will miss Sadiq and commit to continuing supporting the work of Sadiq.


This Story of change is an illustration of the PRIDE program