Strong LGBTI communities

Strong communities start when front liners take action and bring individuals together. Communities start as small-scale social events and are often based on positive drivers: contact, entertainment or a shared interest. Creating a safe space is essential in starting communities.

How do we think this works? Here are a few of our assumptions:
“The context determines SOGIE (sexual orientation and gender identity and expression) issues; local LGBTI people know best how to discuss these issues” (Letter K in the graphic below)
“Becoming part of a community provides people with social support networks and coping mechanisms” (Letter L in the graphic below)

Regional Intersex Exchange Program

SIPD is an intersex organisation from Uganda that uses their longstanding expertise in working to promote the human rights of intersex people to support ...

Burkina Faso: the transgender community

Story of the creation of a transgender space in a country where transgenders are non-existing. Transgender people in Burkina Faso were provided a space ...

Burkina Faso: Activities for LBQ women from Ouagadougou

Empowerment of LBQ women and Transgenders in Burkina Faso, through the work of a LBQ organisation in Ouagadougou, which organizes for instance soccers plays, ...

Malawi: Transforming the discourse around LGBTI

Insights in how CEDEP in Malawi has been engaging with the media and has been able to change the ways (some) media report on sexual orientation, gender ...

Kenya: the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights

In 2013, three Kenyan activists advocating for the advancement of the human rights of sexual and gender minorities committed to engaging at the ACHPR for ...

Malawi: Peer Education Programme

Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) is one of the organizations implementing evidence based prevention project targeting men who have sex with ...

Vietnam: I am a Woman who Loves Women

A great serie of photography from Northern Vietnam where Women Loving Women (WlW) came out on social media. CSAGA’s social media campaign did reach ...

MeNa region: Home Queer Home

The QUEER ZONE Project provides a safe space for the LGBT community. There people can express themselves freely and discuss issues that concerns them. How ...

Netherlands: Young&Out

This project provides safe spaces where LGBTI teenagers can meet each other and be themselves. The spaces, both online and offline, are well protected and ...

Netherlands: Pink Passkey Project

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, elderly LGBTI people now have more opportunities for LGBTI-inclusive healthcare and nursing-home facilities. Pink Passkey ...