Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) is one of the organizations implementing evidence based prevention project targeting men who have sex with men (MSM) who are also categorized as the most at risk populations. An evidenced based targeted intervention (EBT) programme was established in 5 districts of Malawi with the objective of promoting safer sex programmes through the use of peer education networks. CEDEP sought to garner lessons from the EBT programme that can be put to tangible use. For the organization to actualize these lesson learned and replicate them in other projects this report to CEDEP documents lessons learned from this work through the synthesis of lessons learnt in the period that the project has been in operation.
The primary success was that the programme was able to successfully deliver the risk reduction message and effect behaviour change, in so doing working towards reducing the prevalence of HIV amongst MSM despite challenges such as homophobia and erratic supply of safe sex products. The Peer Educators were able to spread the safety message. Suggestions regarding the way forward are supplied.

To read more about the lessons learned open the PDF-document below:

LL 25 – Peer Education Programme

This lessons learned document was developed as part of the Bridging the Gaps programme