Cameroon: On the Way to a National LGBT Movement

Despite the high repression against homosexuality in Cameroon, the LGBTI movement is one of the most active in West and Central Africa. About 30 organisations spanning over almost its entire territory came together during a national PRIDE workshop to establish a national lobby and advocacy plan together. The main purpose of the PRIDE program in Cameroon is to align the 30 different organisations. These organisations are comprised of a few hailing from North Cameroon under the holds of Boko Haram, a few from the Anglophone part of Cameroon struggling with a crisis for the last 2 years, and several new-born transgender organisations. The strategy until 2020 is to focus on a cooperation between organizations for a harmonized, inclusive and efficient collection of data on violations against LBGTI people and their defenders. This is being undertaken through the capacity reinforcement of a national platform called Unity.

Hereby are presented the results of the workshop, which was held in Yaounde the 6thand 7thof November 2018. 

This Story of Change is a representation of the PRIDE Program.