Caribbean LGBTQI Leadership Academy Pilot Programme

The Caribbean LGBTQI Leadership Academy (the Leadership Academy), with financial support provided by the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) from the Global Fund regional grant programme and COC Netherlands through their PRIDE Programme. Through the establishment of the Leadership Academy, CariFLAGS aims to increase the effectiveness and quality of targeted advocacy throughout the Caribbean by developing the capacity of a cohort of activists to participate in meaningful ways in the planning, implementing and monitoring of interventions and policies
to advance LGBTQI rights in the region. The Leadership Academy is a mechanism for a regional approach to training and mentorship that encourages strategic approaches, accountability and the access of activists to participatory and decision-making spaces at the national and regional levels. The objectives are to deliver direct training and mentorship to established and emerging activists in order to:
• Develop a curriculum and facilitators’ guide for training participants in the Caribbean LGBTQI Leadership Academy;
• Strengthen the capacity of existing and emerging LGBTQI leaders in the Caribbean region through face-to-face and
virtual engagements;
• Provide opportunities for networking and forming a shared vision.

You can download this Lessons Learned document here

This Lessons Learned was developed as part of the PRIDE Program.